Pathology Associates of Indian River (PAIR)

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Stat results available same day.
Routine results in 24 hours or less.

Clear, comprehensive reports with clinically relevant data.
Around the clock availability of dermatopathologists.
Friendly and motivated customer service staff

Efficient courier services or Custom report delivery:
a. Hand delivery
b. Fax
c. Digital

Convenient In-house billing services for your patients.
Slide preparation of formalin fixed tissue and reporting of results by board certified and fellowship trained dermatopathologists.

Second opinion consultation on challlenging neoplastic and inflammatory skin lesions by board certified and fellowship trained dermatopathologists.

Our referring dermatologists (Your colleagues and friends)

1. Free Supplies

2. Courier service

3. Pathologist consultation

4.Customer Service

Tel: (772) 567-7088




To improve the quality of life and health of our patients

To provide superior dermatopathology services.

To lead in the diagnosis of inflammatory and neoplastic diseases of the skin.

To provide accurate, timely and useful diagnoses.

To Provide efficient, integrated and seamless dermatopathologic service.

To be a quality resource for our fellow dermatologists.



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